Monday, July 10, 2017

♥ the fruits of our labor: blueberry picking at Ward's Berry Farm!

hello friends! 
i hope you've been enjoying your summer so far-
i have been busy navigating the new and exciting landscape of life 
as a mother of two!

 i knew that it would be different- i have watched my sister's
daily routine get thrown out the window on more than one occasion,
with each successive birth, but when it is actually your turn to do it-- 
it's a whole different story!

thank you for sticking with me during this fun transition :)

 this weekend my sisters and i met up, with children in tow,
 to go blueberry picking at ward's berry farm in sharon!

i've only berry-picked once in my life and thought it would
be a great new tradition to start with the kids!

you can't tell from their faces in some of the photos (ha!),
but they loved it!

i call these photos: "misery loves company." haaaaa

 the blueberries were as sweet as they are plentiful!
it actually took a long time to fill the containers- so make sure
you pack lots of sunscreen!

yum! what kind of traditions are you starting this summer?

Saturday, June 10, 2017

♥ Sadie Amelia!

on may 31st at 1:45 in the afternoon, our beautiful daughter, sadie amelia,
 made her way fast and furiously into this world!

within moments of receiving my glorious, life-renewing epidural,
she was here--all 9 pounds, 1 oz of her!!-
we fell instantly in love. 

henry has been preparing to be a big brother my entire pregnancy,
and it has been heartwarming to watch the care and attention
 he paid to his sister when she was in my belly. 

now that she is actually here,
i can already tell that he is so proud to have a little sister, and 
already feeling more confident in his new role. 

...we just have to remind him that sadie is not a doll!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

♥ ready to pop!

photos by lei ann

this past saturday, i met with my oldest and dearest blogger friends to
celebrate my burgeoning baby bump over endless rounds of dessert
at the langham hotel's chocolate bar! it was super delicious and such 
a treat to spend time with my favorite ladies.

at 38 weeks, my bump is on and poppin' and i have fully embraced
my round shape! this forever 21 dress is from my last pregnancy with henry,
and i was so glad to have an occasion to wear it again :)

i updated it with my favorite new kitty bag from aldo (similar!) as well as some
fabulous pink accessories: my faux gucci slides and quay sunnies!
my necklaces are a mashup old f jcrew cuts rhinestone collars as
well as a big heart from betsey johnson. all in all, i felt festive
and totally ready to taste all the yummy treats without
constriction! check out my instagram post
featuring what i ate and saw at
cafe fleuri!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

♥ i love it when we're cruising together: an evening at CambridgeSide with the Charles Riverboat Company!

hello loves! 
long time, no post!
and getting through the rest of this awful, dragged-out winter. 
how about you?

thankfully, with this week's arrival of the long-overdue spring weather,
came an opportunity to to shop, sip, and sail with my favorite boston bloggers at the
 currently-being-made-over- CambridgeSide and the Charles Riverboat 

along with an interactive scavenger hunt through the enormous mall-
there was a lovely cruise on the charles river with unbeatable views,
on the loveliest day, ever!

how cute is this boat?? it reminds me of the wonkatania!

 at 37 weeks pregnant, i was nervous at the thought of
being on the water for too long in case something happened-
but i rest assured, knowing that we would only be on the river for a little
over an hour :) it was what my girl, lei ann, called a "babymoon cruise!"

the views were spectacular! i could not get enough of the setting sun on the water.

for my ootd, i piled on a couple of my signature accessories and added them
to my not-so-little black dress situation that i have had to wear at work.
i can't wait to share all my costume jewels with my little girl :)

dress & kimono: forever 21 cat bag: aldo cat ears: forever 21
sunnies: kate spade necklace: betsey johnson lipstick: sephora:saymyname
photo by lei ann!

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

♥ skincare review with NATURA BISSE!

ever since i saw john mayer's funny skincare routine snaps last summer,
i have been wondering what the natura bisse brand is all about.

according to john, its "mainly used by people in their 60's and 70's,"
but i would argue that this skincare line is actually for anyone looking
to brighten and revitalize the skin their in!

i was recently sent some of the latest products from
natura bisse's essential shock intense line, and i must say that they
 have been a welcome addition to my ever-evolving skincare routine.

the essential shock intense mask smells delicious and has me looking like
a geisha for 10-15 minutes, before washing it off for a smooth & polished glow!

the essential shock intense complex is a fabulous serum that layers on lightly
underneath my everyday moisturizer, and has been helping to maintain my skin's
hydration and clarity- even in the dead of winter! it is great that i can apply
my makeup right over it, without feeling like i have too much gunk
on my face.

ps. did you know that for the first time, natura bisse will be coming to MA
to introduce their "mindful touch" spa experience (usually reserved for celebrities during
the past 12 academy award ceremonies!) to the public?

Dates: May 17-20
Address: 5 Copley Place Boston, MA 02116

with the purchase of 4 products, you may receive a free facial inside the Pure Air Bubble-
making appointments right on their website!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

♥ GIVEAWAY: CourseHorse comes to Boston!

a few years ago, i hosted a giveaway for coursehorse- a website dedicated to discovering and booking
local education. with classes ranging from art to academic, professional to cultural- you name it, 
and coursehorse will pretty much have it on offer, at an amazing value.

last time around, the closest market for this site was new york, but since then, the site has
expanded to other cities, including our very own boston :) yay!!

here are a few classes i wouldn't mind trying:

fashion trend forecasting at mass college of art & designs

being a visual stylist and blogger, i feel like i have a pulse on many of the latest trends-
but i am always intrigued by how designers focus on a few select trends each season-
how far in advance do are trends forecasted? what is the secret??

i have always felt like i could have a knack for floral arrangement, but i have never tried!
this class could give me the inspiration i need to discover a new passion!

i love to write, but i feel like i need a topic to be handed to me from above,
like it was back in school- perhaps a class that is totally devoted to writing would be
the best antidote for writer's block.

because after 33 years on this earth, i still have no idea how to quiet my mind or relax.

because i am eating for two, after all :)

because henry's father is a drummer- which means henry already has his toe in the musical gene pool!

and now is your chance to WIN A FREE CLASS (valued at $50):

to enter: please leave a comment letting me know which local class you would be interested
in taking through coursehorse and why- as well as an email address!!

the winner will be chosen by april 4th!!


Sunday, February 26, 2017

♥ earth mother// a visit to ASH & ROSE.

if you follow my instagram- you may have noticed that made a little announcement
 a few weeks ago: i'm pregnant!! the boys and i are expecting a baby girl in 
early june and we could not be more excited :) 

photos by lei ann!

at 26 weeks, my bump is definitely poppin'- looking much fuller (and feeling a whole lot heavier)
the second time around! i am not sure if this should be attributed to it being a girl this time
or it being the second pregnancy, but either way- i am enjoying my changing shape
and the lively kicks and jabs i get throughout the day. i feel so blessed.
tired and blessed, ha!

anyway, last night i had the joy of attending chic beat's  blogger mix & mingle 
at the south end's lovely boutique, ash & rose. a brimming jewel box of  sustainable/ethical 
clothing and accessories, many of which are made by nea--half of the mother/daughter duo
who own the shop, ash & rose is nestled among design showrooms and art galleries 
in the famous sowa district. the shop is managed & curated by mary, who is coincidentally 
expecting a baby girl in june!!, and who also made this rad floral selfie wall for
our picture-taking pleasure!

pictured here with my favorite gals, lei ann & bridgette

Sunday, February 19, 2017

♥ a visit to the new TONI & GUY HAIR SALON at Hingham's Derby Street Shoppes!

sandwiched right between kate spade and mini luxe, the first massachusetts-based
TONI & GUY  hair salon has opened at hingham's derby street shoppes!

known for their cutting-edge hair designs, which come out in annual collections 
and seem to set the tone for the hairdressing industry across the globe--
one may never guess that the TONI & GUY brand has been around 
for over 50 years!! (talk about forever young!)

this amazing british brand, which began in 1963 with the four Mascolo brothers,
 has expanded to include sons, daughters, nephews and wives, as well as expanding
across the globe to over 500 locations, is fully committed to:

"upgrading the hairdressing industry 
one stylist, one salon, one academy
 at a time."

with their inimitable business model, TONI & GUY is not just a salon- but an academy.
providing their stylists with continuous education & training  in cut & color means that 
they are constantly evolving and responding to client needs, 
creating trends as they go.

the salon itself reflects the always-contemporary TONI & GUY aesthetic, with lots of stark
black and white against a vibrant wall of TIGI professional products (which i had no idea
they had a hand in creating!)  and an awesome wallpaper collage made up of the brand's
creative photographs and images! LOVE!!!

before sitting down for my haircut, my hairdresser, leonor pilsmaker, 
(remember my interview with her here?), and i brought up pictures of what we think
would look good this time around and were surprised and delighted to see that
we were on the same page!

the haircut i selected is on TONI & GUY'S latest billboard (heading into boston!)
 and is called the "OLIVIA." it's a razored shag with the brand's signature
square layers. LOVE!!

and here's how it came out! i am so excited to play around with it
 and style it with different products, like TIGI's texturizing molding wax,
 manipulator matte! :) i feel like a new girl!

TONI & GUY is located at 92-98 Derby Street
Hingham, MA 02043

**i was provided with a complimentary haircut from TONI & GUY,
but all opinions expressed are my own. **

Thursday, February 16, 2017

♥ GIVEAWAY: serums from TREE OF LIFE!

wintertime is hard on the skin.

 the combination of dry heat and alternately biting cold air makes it nearly
impossible to maintain a balanced complexion- without a bit of help!

thankfully, for the past three weeks, i have had the luxury of coating my face
with multiple layers of spa-quality, organic products from tree of life.
specifically: the anti-aging serum combo pack, which includes
the trifecta of "flawless" skin: vitamin c, hyaluronic acid & retinol serum,
as well as the ultimate age-defying night serum.

just adding a few drops of each life-giving elixir before my morning/evening
moisturizing routine has given my skin new energy and vitality-
and a certain glow that usually fades in the dark winter days.

for a chance to win,  follow the prompts below:

Win a selection of the Tree of life beauty products #14 , 
 a winner will be chosen by february 26th,
and the products will be shipped directly to you! good luck!