Monday, July 10, 2017

♥ the fruits of our labor: blueberry picking at Ward's Berry Farm!

hello friends! 
i hope you've been enjoying your summer so far-
i have been busy navigating the new and exciting landscape of life 
as a mother of two!

 i knew that it would be different- i have watched my sister's
daily routine get thrown out the window on more than one occasion,
with each successive birth, but when it is actually your turn to do it-- 
it's a whole different story!

thank you for sticking with me during this fun transition :)

 this weekend my sisters and i met up, with children in tow,
 to go blueberry picking at ward's berry farm in sharon!

i've only berry-picked once in my life and thought it would
be a great new tradition to start with the kids!

you can't tell from their faces in some of the photos (ha!),
but they loved it!

i call these photos: "misery loves company." haaaaa

 the blueberries were as sweet as they are plentiful!
it actually took a long time to fill the containers- so make sure
you pack lots of sunscreen!

yum! what kind of traditions are you starting this summer?

Saturday, June 10, 2017

♥ Sadie Amelia!

on may 31st at 1:45 in the afternoon, our beautiful daughter, sadie amelia,
 made her way fast and furiously into this world!

within moments of receiving my glorious, life-renewing epidural,
she was here--all 9 pounds, 1 oz of her!!-
we fell instantly in love. 

henry has been preparing to be a big brother my entire pregnancy,
and it has been heartwarming to watch the care and attention
 he paid to his sister when she was in my belly. 

now that she is actually here,
i can already tell that he is so proud to have a little sister, and 
already feeling more confident in his new role. 

...we just have to remind him that sadie is not a doll!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

♥ ready to pop!

photos by lei ann

this past saturday, i met with my oldest and dearest blogger friends to
celebrate my burgeoning baby bump over endless rounds of dessert
at the langham hotel's chocolate bar! it was super delicious and such 
a treat to spend time with my favorite ladies.

at 38 weeks, my bump is on and poppin' and i have fully embraced
my round shape! this forever 21 dress is from my last pregnancy with henry,
and i was so glad to have an occasion to wear it again :)

i updated it with my favorite new kitty bag from aldo (similar!) as well as some
fabulous pink accessories: my faux gucci slides and quay sunnies!
my necklaces are a mashup old f jcrew cuts rhinestone collars as
well as a big heart from betsey johnson. all in all, i felt festive
and totally ready to taste all the yummy treats without
constriction! check out my instagram post
featuring what i ate and saw at
cafe fleuri!